How to Measure for A Custom Skirt

When measuring for a custom skirt, you want to make sure you measure correctly, as there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges. The measurements required are a waist, hip, and desired length measurement. To begin, you will need to grab a stretchy skirt that fits you comfortably, and a tape measure. Lay your skirt out on a flat, even surface and measure the waist straight across.

When taking any of the required measurements, be sure to not double the measurement.

Measuring the Waist:

After acquiring the waist measurement, you will now need to measure the hip section of your skirt which is approximately 8" below the waist. Again, be sure to take the measurement straight across and not doubled.

Measuring the Hip:

Now that you have took your waist and hip measurements, you will need to determine the length you would like for your custom skirt. Any length in excess of 32" will cost approx. 3.00 more for the added length.

Measuring the Length:

Provide all of your measurements to us in the following format:

Waist / Hip / Length